Matter’s Whisper with / Nina Fradet , Xavier Prevot, Keiji Okushima

An immersive exhibition project forming a dialogue between Japanese and French cultures through the valorization of ancestral know-how by the use of digital arts.This is a meeting between four French and Japanese artists in the heart of a Buddhist monastery in Kyoto, in a meeting between video art, electronic music and traditional crafts of woodwork and glass.

[ Exhibition . from November 9th to December 3rd, 2023] Website:
Crowdfunding Campaign :

Photo by Ash KG

Metaract –  Immersive Film (Supported by MUTEK and Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] with / Manami Sakamoto

Metaract is an exploration of the duality between analog and digital. It reveals the artists’ quest for meaning through their documentation of natural elements such as textures, colors and sounds in the composition of the work.

[ First Screened at SAT x MUTEK  Satosphere sariese2023 : Double program: Metaract + Iwakura (22. August )]